Site feedback

I don't like the new site.
No me gusta el nuevo sitio.
Je n'aime pas le nouveau site.
أنا لا أحب الموقع الجديد

Fuck wrong with these fools? This shit is wack. Why would they fix what wasn't broken?

No idea.

nope ... not for me sadly. Too 'Complex' ... preferred the former site format


I have know idea when Im a in thread or who is replying to what. AllHipHop has colluded with the Russians cuz only a communists would like this shit

Lml this shit is all over the place like a blacgod post

Just waiting to find an alternative and then I’m out. The new site is awful.

Ablackedweb folks is the new forum

I tried signing up to ablackweb but it wont send the confirmation email - for days now.