Dominican Republic

Traveling to the DR alone later this month.....

Hi guys,

Traveling to Punta Cana at the end of this month alone. Anything I should be concerned about. Anywhere I should stay away from?

Which resort are you staying in? Punta Cana was pretty chill when I went. If you went more action, it may not be the best part of DR to go to, but it was relaxing. Make sure you take plenty of cash that you can get turned into DR money. You can pay for some things with American cash or a card, but it wasn't as convenient as in some other places.

I went to D.R. by myself. I stayed in Punta Cana at the Grand Bahia. Great resort. Had an amazing time. One night I left the resort and didn't get back until 11a.m. the next day. But to be honest from what I've known about you stay on the resort. If you do only do it in the day time. Remember D.R. while it's a vacation spot it's still a 3rd world country.

I don't know how to work this shit @obnixiouslyfresh. If your staying at an all inclusive resort you don't need much dough. Just take singles and fives to top and you'll be straight. So no need to exchange money. Just remember to take a 10 to pay for the Visa when you get to immigration.

Punta Cana is cool but its not really "D.R." so u really aint got to worry about much its like most other world resorts real nice etc now when u leave the resorts thats when u in D.R thats where the fun is at but u need to know ppl cause they will do u dirty out there

Thanks guys. I hear that they pickpocket a lot?

@"the lonious monk" at the Reserve. Have you been to that one?

Lol they say that about any Latin country...

Tell us how it went

I made it


How's the broccoli down in the DR? Asking for a friend...