Aiiyo this shit is some TRASH

talk to em pac!!!

we live right now?

we can get it live in a heartbeat you know that bruh. I still got some unreleased khlaeesi nudes sitting in the safe. I hope yall put her in the hall of fame she gave her life for you niggas lol

You aint shit but a coonin ass mark, acting as a transgender "ms dolla" asking mufuckas for dick pics thatmansjizz...... You fucking kill me, your the definition of a fucking loser....

^^well damn. Fight back @thatboydizz

I don't have to @stew look at his girl. Bitch look like a bottlenose dolphin. I'll be mad if I was that nigga too


Niggas had a hot summer or a hot year and think they can come at somebody like me. Stop it I built this place not jay not greg me motherfucker. Of course Im the first thing they mention when they log in after years of not posting.

this dude is married 19 years to that???????? Kill yourself with fire

Lmao Dizz wild as fuck

This shit dry.......