Haley Smith - I Miss My Daddy (Official Music Video)

Haley Smith speaks on a daughters want for her father in "I Miss My Daddy." #TBT #WomensMonth #InternationalWomensDay

The latest project, ‘I Miss My Daddy’/’We’re Gonna Be Alright’ features the first artist M.O.U.N. Records signed named Haley Smith. ‘I Miss My Daddy’ is a song about a girl who confronts her mother about how not being allowed to have a relationship with her father is affecting her. The song gives voice to children who are at the center of domestic turmoil between two parents and addresses the uniqueness of the bond between a daughter and her father. The accompanying video was put together on behalf of any girl who has ever been adversely affected by the absence of her father for whatever reason, and illustrates how that pain can intensify when the father is alive and well and yet still is absent.

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