IC: SocialLounge

Ya'll peep Maven's other site - "BLUE LIVES MATTER"?

Destroyed the IC in hopes of eating a rich white man's crumbs. Sad!

Truly, I hope whatever money you got was worth ya'll niggas souls.


btw it took forever to make this simple-ass post because if you click the bar on the left it erases what you're typing and takes to you Maven's main site lmao Mods you better not be defending this garbage for FREE

3 Responses

  • yellowtapesport

    Feb 28, 2018


  • illseed

    Apr 4, 2018

    lol silly conspiracy theorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH owns AHH. STILL. Lies and hate be damned. And wrong.

  • illseed

    Apr 4, 2018

    I'm laughing too. Dummies dont realize that a PLATFORM is just hat. A PLATFORM. Facebook, Wordpress and a zillion other sites SIT on platforms. SMH........

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